Why Buy Wolfram Tungsten Electrodes?

All DGP tungsten is high-quality tungsten that comes with material certifications and MSDS sheets to prove it. We proudly stand behind all have confidence in every piece of tungsten that we sell. Wolfram tungsten electrodes, manufactured in Germany, are THE  top-of-the line of tungsten. It is not an exaggeration to claim that Wolfram tungsten electrodes are the Porsche of the industry. 

So while others tungsten we carry could be considered a Ford F-150 (Silverado for you Chevy die-hards) in that it is a consistent, reliable & quality tungsten, the Wolfram tungsten electrodes are held to the most stringent of standards. That is why you often see Wolfram tungsten offered at what can be considered a “premium price”. These are the Wolfram brand tungsten available here:

2% Thoriated Wolfram Welding Electrodes4% Thoriated Wolfram Welding ElectrodesPure Wolfram Tungsten Electrodes Tri Mix Wolfram Welding Electrodes.8% Zirconiated Wolfram Welding Electrodes

1.5% Lanthanated Wolfram Welding Electrodes2% Lanthanated Wolfram Welding Electrodes2% Ceriated Wolfram Welding Electrodes


The benefits of Wolfram tungsten?

  • Reliable arc-striking
  • Low burn-off rate
  • Highest quality of arc
  • 35% less power consumption
  • 40% prolonged service life
  • 50% less set-up costs
  • 50% less gas consumption
  • 100% reproducible results


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